Friday, August 17, 2018

What We Do

Our business is helping to make companies better developed, more valuable and more efficient.

We look at businesses as an integrated sum of their owners, employees and customer engagement far beyond the institutional view and organization design. Our accomplishments are met after legitimate and tangible solutions change a company’s financial results. We work with clients to make it happen.

JTOA provides consultative management support in the core areas of:

  • Organizational Development
  • Resource Integration
  • Management Operations
  • Business Support

Our Clients

JTOA works across a wide range of industries, from corporate clients to private organizations. Our clients are bold, active in their communities and are ambitious business leaders. They think and act like owners and have the talent, the will, and the open-mindedness required to succeed. All share our passion for results and are prepared to act decisively to achieve them.

Pro Bono/Community Service

  • JTOA and their partners have created close relationships with organizations around the world that put their community first. Serving the community is a rich tradition with JTOA . Our goal is to make a significant contribution and to obtain case team investments with our cutting edge service. Read examples of JTOA’s volunteer service below:
  • JTOA is a proud sponsor of Cross Cultural Solutions Organization- in support of international volunteerism that empowers communities that lack resources, both social and educational.
  • Working in a close cooperation with area resident managers, JTOA helped deliver results of creating a junior golf camp in the Southeast quadrant of the District of Columbia. Thousands of children are able to benefit from a community service that offers quality training and sports education.
  • As an industry of passion, JTOA has a seasonal period of May-July each year, delivering free resume and writing services as well as leading training seminar bookings to various industries. JTOA found that 60% of participants according to our survey of November 2009 from respondents, that a referred attendee of last year will participate in the summer of 2010